Rubaialter (Python Module)

Rubaialter is a python module that will perform conversions among these .csv ,.xlsx, .xls, .sqlite3 file formats using Pandas under the hood. Conversion can be done from the command line with a single command. **Other creator:** [Muhammad Sakib Khan Inan](

Cythonizer (Python Module)

Cythonizer is a script that will attempt to automatically convert one or more .py and .pyx files into the corresponding compiled .pyd or .so binary modules files.

URL Shortener (Web Application)

It's a URL shortening service web app had built using Flask. It uses the base26 algorithm (derived from base62) for shortening URL, MySQL for database, and also Redis caching.

GPA Calculator (Web Application)

This is a Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator which is a quick and easy to use web application. Anyone can edit the Grading System according to his/her educational institution's grading criteria. My team built this simple but great tool for the students all over the world coming from different grading systems. No matter which grading system they belong to, they modify the grading system of the app and use it easily. **Other creators:** [Muhammad Sakib Khan Inan](, [Rubaiath E Ulfath](, [Tanmoy Barua](

GPA Calculator Python (Desktop Application)

Aa Grade Point Average (GPA) calculator which is quick and easy to use in any Desktop Operating Systems if it runs python. For GUI it uses PyQt5.

Free Hash Checker (Desktop Application)

Free Hash Checker is a lightweight software for calculating any file's hash code. It supports MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA384, SHA256, SHA512 hashing. Through Hash Checker anyone can also check whether his/her copied clipboard hash is matched with the file's hash or not. And also can easily be copied hash to his/her clipboard with only one click. Hash Checker is created using Python and PySide2.