Rizwan Hasan

Rizwan Hasan

Learn Student Ambassador at Microsoft || Undergraduate Student of Computer Science

East Delta University


Co-Founder of TechLearners. Skilled in Python Programmer and Linux Distribution Development. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused on Computer Science and Engineering from East Delta University.

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  • Software Development
  • Cloud Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Back-end Development
  • Technical Writing
  • Philosophy
  • BSc in Computer Science

    East Delta University



The language I love and use in most of the cases


Using it as the main workstation and also love explore more


Holds my second choice as I’ve recently started to explore more

Microsoft Azure

Cloud is the new future and so that I try to use it for deploying my application whenever possible

Machine Learning

Having fun with making ML models and got some works published as well

Technical Writing

As a CS Student and tech enthusiast, it’s also necessary to share knowledge besides gaining


TechLearners Inc.
Co-Founder & Editor
TechLearners Inc.
Sep 2019 – Present
TechLearners is a community of tech enthusiastic curious people who loves learn new technologies and share the learnings with all. We have a YouTube channel by this name where we share tutorial videos of different technologies and related things. Our motive is to share the knowledge of science & technology to all and making an impact through technological inventions.

Teamwork & Leadership

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors - Beta
May 2020 – Present Bangladesh

Community Contributions

Personal Blog
May 2021 – Present
Read my articles here: https://blog.rizwan.studio/
Technical Content Writer
Jan 2021 – Present
Dev Community Inc.
Technical Content Writer
Nov 2019 – Present
Read my articles here: https://dev.to/rizwan486
Technical Content Writer
Jun 2019 – Present
Read my articles here: https://medium.com/@rizwan486


Python (Intermediate)
Covers topics like Closures and Decorators, using magic methods in Python, Collections, Exceptions, Errors, and using Context Managers
See certificate
Problem Solving (Basic)
Covers basic topics of Data Structures (such as Arrays, Strings) and Algorithms (such as Sorting and Searching).
See certificate
Python (Basic)
Covers topics like Scalar Types, Operators and Control Flow, Strings, Collections and Iteration, Modularity, Objects and Types and Classes
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Honors & Awards

Participated in the First National Workshop on “Big Data and Machine Learning (BDML 2020)" organized by Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, CUET. I’ve presented an idea on Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning-based approach along with Rubaiath E Ulfath and Muhammad Sakib Khan Inan.
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Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors are a global group of campus leaders who are eager to help fellow students, create robust tech communities, and develop technical and career skills for the future.
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I’ve got this honorary certificate for conducting a 3 days long workshop on “Fundamentals of Python” as a trainer at my university within the period of my undergraduate course. I played the role of a trainer in this workshop along with one of my friends Muhammad Sakib Khan Inan who is in the same university and also was the co-trainer for the workshop.
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Abhishek Prakash Chaturvedi
Founder of ItsFOSS

Rizwan is passionate about software development and likes to contribute to open source projects.
A self-learned person, Rizwan developed a few open source projects in the Linux domain. This included a custom Linux distributions based on Arch Linux. While new Linux users are afraid of even installing Arch, Rizwan created his own distro based on it. And all that when he was still a student.
This shows his passion for open source and the ability to learn and work on his own. This is an essential quality for a programmer.
Wish him good luck for his future projects.
Abhishek Prakash Chaturvedi